Performance of your mobile provider is key to the overall success of many of our customers.

That’s why TechHouse Business is seen as a major step forward for them.

Gone are the days where you have to be tied to a single mobile operator.

 TechHouse Business rips up the rulebook with our new Multi-Network option, giving you access to multiple networks all from one SIM card. 


Provided that the is a signal from one of our available network providers, you will always be available for business.


More availability, means more opportunity to do more business, whilst your competitors are looking for a signal or listening to their voicemails.

Holding agreements with all of the major mobile networks, TechHouse Business offers a full range of 4G mobile voice, data and broadband services.


 TechHouse Business also have access to multiple in house MVNO’s to allow Partners to fully control the customer commercial proposition. 


Once the correct tariff structure is built TechHouse Business also have access to the latest devices in the market and the best possible prices.

The mobile phone is no longer a stand alone solution it must be integrated into IT networks, fixed line systems and other business critical tools, ultimately creating a unified communication.


This is great news for partners as they can now promote multiple products to a client to become a trusted advisor rather than a single product supplier.

All partners have access to our purpose designed Partner Hub.

The Hub contains up to the minute information allowing our partners to confidently promote products and services to their clients.

The Hub used in conjunction with the support from the TechHouse Business team will ensure all customers are furnished with the correct information to make an informed decision and ultimately connected to the perfect tariff for their requirements.


  • No more moving around trying to find single network coverage

  • Enables delivery of superior customer service for your customers

  • Spend more time working and less time listening to voicemail

  • Stand out from the competition – be in contact with customers for longer and with faster response times

  • Save money – no need for multiple providers

  • Boost business productivity – stay connected wherever there is signal available


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